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GSW Parallax

These ads and parallax film are created for creative agency GSW, Columbus USA. A parallax is an interactive image which the user can scroll through on a tablet or phone, while scrolling the image shows dept in the rooms.

We had to show the entire proces, from entering the hospital or retirement home, to leaving it. Since it is impossible to shoot this on a real location, we built these sets in the studio in Amsterdam.

To create a parallax of this proces, we shot all these sets, then stripped down every single prop in them and photographed every single step. The final file we delivered was layered with all these different steps. Alongside this massive layered file, we also delivered the video we have on our website. It was used as a blueprint to create the final parallax. Unfortunately the real parallax is only used internally, so check our the video to get an idea of the effect and complexity of this kind of image.

The parallax has won the Creative Floor's, best Healthcare Professional award.

This is the sketch we received from GSW.

And these are the sketches we made to present our approach.

credits parallax

Agency: GSW

Creatives: Jason Piaskowski / Wayne Fasset / Kelly Seymour

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Set Design and Props: Jeroen Echter / Frank Bulthuis

Set Build: Rick van der Heul

Styling: Anat Dychtwald

Visagie: Ingrid van Hemert

Post Prodcution: Souverein

Photo Assist: Justin Michel / Nick de Leuw

Below are some photo's of the props and sets in the studio.

GSW Stills

The still images following the Parallax in this project, were shot almost a year after the Parallax. These images display someone at the doctor's office receiving the news he or she is ill. But thanks to the medication, they are able to live their life like they always did.

To create the most realistic integration of the different area's we had these sets built as a whole. See a behind the scenes image of the China shot below.

Below is the agencies sketch for the China image displayed in the behind the scenes above.


Agency: GSW

Creatives: Lars Larsen / Ed Sanchez

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Set Design: Jeroen Echter

Set Build: Rick van der Heul

Set Dresser: Marten Hoekstra

Props: Leon Zandvliet

Styling: Anat Dychtwald

Visagie: Ingrid van Hemert

Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Souverein

Photo Assistant: Justin Michel / Nick de Leuw