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Meals that get you laid

These images are illustrational for the cookbook that four of Jaap's friends and he created. Let them introduce theirselves, and of course their book.

We, the creators of the ultimate cookbook for men:
Meals That Get You Laid, proclaim to be “the gods of sex and food”
Immodest? Probably. But the fact stays, that we invested 10 years
in creating a cookbook, or rather a manual, that really works.

If you follow the clues in the book; the right ingredients for
the right woman, than we guarantee your succes.
A dash of atmosphere, a teaspoon of good music, 
spiced up with the right drinks, will make the male cook
irrisistable for any woman.

A cookbook containing all tricks to make any woman yours,
by using the right ingredients, atmosphere, music and drinks.
Based on what only women believe in: Astrology

A manual of which we can honestly say: Meals That Get You Laid!


Concept: Otto Jurgens / Ivar van der Zwan / Marc Bennink / Esther van de Steene / Jaap Vliegenthart

Editor: Kim Hinrichs

Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Souverein

Photo Assistant: Jasper Bunninga / Nick de Leuw / Tristan Aschmoneit / Justin Michel / Thom Schrama