Chameleons are not just funny reptiles with their crazy eyes and colored skin. They are a distinctive and highly specialized species of lizard. With excellent vision, they are able to move their eyes separately, focusing on multiple objects of interest. This, combined with their ability to change the color and pattern of their skin, allows them to adapt to any environment.

Jaap too, has both his eyes looking in different directions. This gives him a unique perspective on the world. He is known for his riveting, brain-teasing photographs and has been rewarded with all kinds national and international awards, for both his commercial and personal work.

Jaap has been in the field of advertising photography for over 25 years. And throughout the years he has always tried to improve the concept. With each concept granting him new experiences to improve upon himself.

Jaap’s humor and enthusiasm are contagious, and each of his images calls for a second glance.

Every concept, and every client is different and therefore needs a different approach. Jaap naturally adapts to every situation, just like the chameleon.