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ADCN Vernisage

This film was made for the vernissage of the new ADCN yearbook (Advertsing, Design, Creativity The Netherlands)

The new book of the ADCN, was going to be a recycled book, made of the old yearbooks. In our visualization of this concept, the executioner pays a visit to all the great and established creatives of The Netherland, and collected their old books. The old books are shredded, and out comes the new yearbook.

This film was first shown on the vernissage of the new book at the ADCN headquarters in Amsterdam. At the end of the film you see the girl presenting the book to the camera, the same girl came walking down the stairs at the vernissage, holding the book in her hands.


Agency: Being There

Creative: Pieter Scheltema / Jaap Vliegenthart

Production: Mireille Lampe at Pinkrabbit / Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Camera: Chiem van Houweninge

Post Production: Condor