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And Then It Hit Me

This is another personal series of Jaap.

This series display a whole new approach on mixing the art of painting with the art of photography. Jaap shows the light with his paint, or perhaps he paints with the light. Although Jaap never uses a brush to apply his paint, he uses a bomb, a paintbomb. One which is carefully positioned, because the direction of the paint is the direction of the light.

The 'scenes' in this series are very personal to Jaap, considering these are impactful and decisive moments of his own life. Captured exactly how they have been in his memory ever since they took place.

Each image of 'And Then It Hit Me' reflects a split second which changed his life. Very intimate, and at the same time, applicable to anyone. Birth & death, love & sex, joy & sadness, tangible by an explosion.

'And Then It Hit Me'

'It struck me like a bomb'

'At that moment I saw the light'

'And Then It Hit Me' has won a Silver AOP award.


Concept: Jaap Vliegenthart

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Sets: Rick van der Heul

Special Effects: Franzisca Loeding

Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Souverein

Photo Assistans: Jasper Buninga / Nick de Leuw / Tristan Aschmoneit / Justin Michel / Thom Schrama