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This image was created to promote a new Auping bed, named "The Royal".

So together with Studio Aandacht and Penique Productions we created this golden room in which the only thing you see is the magnificent bed. We build the entire room in the studio, dressed it with props, such as a radiator, a dressoir with the mirror and of course the chandelier. To create this magical golden "skin" that is all over the room we worked together with the Spanish artists of Penique Productions. They used some sort of parachute material, which they cut and stitched together precisely for the size of this room. Then they placed all the fabric inside the room and inflated it with air.

Check out the making of video and the sketch below.


Agency: Studio Aandacht

Creatives: Ben Lambers / Tatjana Quax

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Set Design: Gloudy

Inflatable: Penique Productions

Post Prodcution: Souverein

Photo Assistant: Tristan Aschmoneit