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This is the introduction campaign for the brand new BMW 1 Series convertible.

Check out the creatives sketches.

The name of this series is "Moondrivers", which also explains the concept and it's approach. These images were shot with just moonlight, and to give you an idea of how little light that is, we needed an exposure time of three and a half hours. This kind of extreme exposure cannot be done with a digitally, so we used an analog 4x5" camera.

Before we flew down to the United States, we contacted an observatory, and with their help we researched the most promising position and path of the moon. We were very limited in our time, since we needed to use the lightest nights, just before and right after the full moon.

First we scouted our locations, the positions of the camera and the car, and what the path of the moon on our planned night would be. The three different locations are in Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Here you can see us preparing the shoot in Monument Valley.

During the shoot, we had to sit right next to camera during the entire take. Cause with exposure times this long, our shot could have been ruined with just one car driving by the camera. So as soon as a car approached we had to close the lens and wait for it to leave our frame.

Since there was only one existing BMW 1 Series convertible, we had to use a stand-in car and replace it with a CGI car in the post production. This CGI car was built with a computer model, and reference shots of the actual car we shot in our studio.

Glenn Taylor is making a test for the 360 degree image of the surroundings of the car, this will be used to reflect on the cars surface.


Agency: JWT Amsterdam

Creatives: Martijn van der Werf / Thijs de Boer / Bart Kooij

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

360 degrees Photography: Glenn Taylor

Post Production: Taylor James

Photo Assist: Jasper Buninga

Here are some photos of us during our night shifts.