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BNP Paribas

This image is created for BNP Paribas. An investment bank who pays out more then just once a year.

To visualize this concept we see "Sinterklaas', who is sort of the Dutch version of Santa Claus, arrive in the summertime. (He usually arrives in the winter) With his arrival in the Summertime, we suggest he comes twice a year instead of just once.

See the agencies sketch below.

To create this image we photographed the location, the background, in late January, which is in the middle of Winter. When we shot the location, there were no people, nor a boat, let alone there were leaves on the trees. Scroll down for a closer look at the original background image.

This photo of the background was a perfect canvas for us to fill in. So we shot all the different elements, in small groups in the studio, separate from the boat which was built with CGI. Check out the 3D model for the boat in a already tuned image and Sinterklaas, his friends, horse and the entire crowd on the images below.


Agency: Publicis Amsterdam

Creatives: Hans Bolleurs / Billy Witbraad / Vanessa Burgmans

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Post Production: Souverein

Photo Assistant: Tristan Aschmoneit