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De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf is a huge and famous department store in The Netherlands. The direct translation of "De Bijenkorf" is "The Beehive", and the idea was to promote the freshly restyled mall with all the different department stores inside in a creative and original fashion. The approach on combining these stores together into one image, was inspired by the works of M.C. Escher.

The three ads display the male section, the female section and one for the general section.

To shoot these three ads it took us three nights, at 6:00PM when the store closed, we started working, until 9:30AM when the store would open. The images were created on the spot, we began with one polaroid. The polaroid was then photographed with a small digital camera and loaded into photoshop. Then we looked for a new point of view in the store that would fit in well with the first photo. Step by step we combined these images in our rough composition.

These visuals are completely shot on film, this was Jaap's preference for this campaign.

These ads have won several awards.

Check out the creatives sketches below.


Agency: Y&R Amsterdam

Creatives: Niels de Wit & Daniel Snelders

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Post Production: Souverein

Digital Tech: Martin Dijkstra

Photo Assistant: Jeroen Bont