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The owl in the video is talking about how nice and comfortable the family in the house behind him is having it. "Pleasant in a house like that, cosy, with each other, together." Now the owl gets a bit emotional, since he's out here all by himself in the cold.

This is a promotional film for the Houses in the "Efteling Bosrijk" which are houses in a small forrest right next to the Efteling amusement park.

To capture this, we first shot the location, considering the position and movement of the owl. Then we recreated our point of view in the studio and filmed a real owl against a green screen. This way we could capture his natural body and face movement. With the help of a mouse, we could move his face in the direction that we wanted. While later on, in the post production, his beak was replaced with an animated one, so the owl would actually be talking to us.

Check out an image of the Owl on the camera below.

Credits Film

Agency: TBWA Amsterdam

Creatives: Niels de Kuiper / Sander Volleman

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

DOP: Daan Nieuwenhuijs

Post Production: Glassworks Amsterdam



Creatives: Niels de Kuiper / Sander Volleman

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Post Production: Souverein

Photo Assistant: Nick de Leuw