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FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

This campaign for FEMA, is about finding your relatives and loved ones in case of a disaster. View the creatives sketches just below.

Obviously we couldn't just wait for disasters to happen, so we had to create them ourselves. To do so, we scouted locations throughout the United States and decided that Chicago has the perfect environment to create all three disasters, tornado, quake and flood. The first step was to find out which areas would work for each disaster, so we researched Google Maps and checked out the entire greater area of Chicago.

When we found a handful of possible options for the disasters to take place, we flew to Chicago and started prepping our shoot. We briefed the helicopter pilot and took off to the different locations. We didn't just shoot the location in which the disaster would take place, we also shot a load of pictures with details of a mine, ruins and debris. Three weeks before our arrival, a tornado had struck an outer are of Chicago, this gave us great detailed images of the real damage.

After our flights we created sketches with the creative, Dan Read, to see where the "action" would take place. The sketches were black and white prints of the photos on which Dan would draw out the text. These were used to present the idea to the client, and as a placeholder for the post production proces. You can see those rough sketches right below.

Together with Rutger Luijs and Fedde Souverein of Luminous CI, we dived into an intense post process, combing the main image with CGI and loads of detailed close ups.


Agency: Deutsch New York

Creative: Dan Read

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF / Jake Mills Productions

Post Production: Rutger Luijs / Fedde Souverein at Luminous CI

Photo Assistant: Thom Schrama

Representative: Monaco Reps