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Give a night

These ads are for the “Give a Night’’ gift cards. They display the famous Royal Guards of London, a butler in a hotel room and a terrace in Paris. To visualize the gift aspect of these images we wrapped everything and everyone in gift wrapping paper.

Besides the print ads, we also shot three commercials. You can check them out in the portfolio.

These ads have been rewarded with several prizes.

Below you will find the sketch for the London image, and a behind the scenes image of our models, completely, wrapped up.


Agency: Lowe Amsterdam

Creatives: Maarten Vrouwes & Friso Ludenhoff

Production: Lisette Kooijman at JVF

Set Art Director: Rick van der Heul

Styling: Esther van de Steene

Post Production: Souverein

Photo Assistant: Nick de Leuw

This is the creatives sketch for he London image.

Check out the set before it was wrapped, and the final touch-ups on the suits below.