Portfolio Details


We shot this campaign for paint manufacturer Histor. Histor reintroduced their Perfect Finish paint. From the square can back to the original round one. These are all oriented to the "task" at hand. "The right paint for every job". 

We all have certain refurbishment work to do in the house that we just keep postponing. Sometimes you just a need a little push...

The idea was to help and motivate the dutch people to get the job done. That is why we literally went with a helping hand!

This hand is bit mysterious and also a bit cheeky but never pedantic. He is here to help and remind you of that refurbishment work. 

The hand belongs to MR. Histor, the personification of the brand Histor, and he is the sidekick and advisor to your project. You can reach him via several media such as Whatsapp, social-media, chat, mailing or a regular phone call. 


Client: Histor

Agency: Havas Lemz

Creatives: Wietse Vonk / Roel Pijnacker

Agency Producer: Anne van der Meulen

Producer: Lisette Kooijman

Set Art Director: Jeroen Echter

Set Dresser: Marten Hoekstra

DOP: Lex Brand

Focus Puller: Pancsi Puts 

Gaffer: Chris Vingerhoets 

Photo Assist: Jaap Kwaak

Photo Post Production: Tim Muller / Edwin Veer at Magic Digital Partners

Film Edit: Barry Clarke at Captcha!

Online: Captcha!

Grading: Daniël van der Kaaden at Captcha!