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This is an international campaign for Jupiler beer. These images are a translation from the commercial which ran on tv. These visuals are a created by combining different photographs together, designing our own cityscape.

These photo's were all shot in Cape Town, South Africa, some shots were taken on a highway which is still under construction.

Scroll down for a closer look at the creative's sketches and a peak behind the scenes.


Agency: Famous Brussels

Creatives: Luc Shih / Pieter Claeys / Tim Driesen

Production: Czar Brussels

Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Souverein

Photo Assistant: Justin Michel

Here you see Jaap shooting different elements for this image, on the left he's capturing the edge of the road, while in the right photo, he's shooting the fire barrels.

Shooting the sunset to use as a sky in the final visuals.