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ministry of infrastructure and the environment

To raise attention for "De week van Ons Water" ("The week of Our Water") we were asked to create an image of a family submerging themselves in the Dutch underwater world.

We completely recreated a Dutch ditch in the studio, containing water plants, little fish and even a frog.

To make sure the viewer feels like he's under the surface, we used an underwater camera to capture this image.

See the sketch and a short making of video below.

The second image is created as a promotion for "De week van Ons Water" ("The week of Our Water"). Only this time it's the fall season, so there is different exploring to do. Check out this family experiencing the power of the sea.


Client: Ministry of Infrastucture and the Envionment

Agency: The Odd Shop

Agency Producer: Iris Veenstra

Producer: Lisette Kooijman at JVF
Creatives: Joost van der Schoot / Marten Meijboom / Robert van der Lans / Niels de Wit
Set Art Direction: Jeroen Echter
Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Luminous Creative Imaging

Photo Assistant: Thom Schrama