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This campaign is for NVKL, a company specialized in cooling techniques and climate control. The idea of these images is to visualize the mentality of their installers, they go all the way, just a little bit exaggerated.

See the agencies sketches and the a small making of video of the crocodile image below.


Agency: Rademakkers

Creatives: Lodewijk van der Peet / Marc Lindenhof

Production: Lisette Kooiman at JVF

Set Build: Rick van der Heul

Post Production: Souverein

Photo Assist: Nick de Leuw

To shoot the crocodile image, we built an entire set, representing the inside of crocodile home in a zoo. In this set, we shot the installer and real crocodiles. Curious what that looked like? Check out the making of video by the creative agency Rademakkers.