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Occult Encounters

This is another personal series of Jaap.

"A street photographer works all day, but when he arrives back in his studio to develop and print his images he notices something odd. Every picture he took has one thing in common, they all have the same old man in them. Apparently he has been followed by the old man all day."

Jaap shot these photo's in Cuba and came up with the idea to insert a figure, an old man. This man was later shot in Jaap's studio and photoshopped into the images.

Occult Encounters has won a Golden PANL award and also the Grand PANL award, which is crafted by modelmaker Lucas van Doorn, who integrated the face of the old man into the award in a magnificent way.


Concept: Jaap Vliegenthart

Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Souverein

The Grand PANL award, created by Lucan van Doorn.