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In cooperation with advertising agency Epidemie we created this introduction campaign for Oenobiol Paris. In contrary to the traditional cosmetic brands, Oenobiol makes use of pills to enhance your beauty from the inside. This concept is completely new to the people of The Netherlands, so we had to visualise how these products work.

By showing the transition from the pills in the jar, to the main ingredient which is being absorbed by your body, we represent the natural effect of these pills.

Below you can check out the storyboard for both films, and a peak behind the scenes.

Storyboard Silhouette Boost

Storyboard Beauty Support


Client: Oenobiol

Agency: Epidemie

Creatives: Michiel Klein Schiphorst / Leon Stedehouder

Account: Michael Versélewel de Witt Hamer / Maartje van Beek

Agency Producer: Michael Versélewel de Witt Hamer / Maartje van Beek

Producer: Lisette Kooijman

DOP: Rutger Storm

Focus Puller: Niels Roosendaal

Gaffer: Chris Vingerhoeds

Hair & Make Up: Ingrid Boekel

Special Effects: Jeroen Echter

Photo Assist: Thom Schrama

Photo Post Production: Luminous CI

Film Edit: Kim Hinrichs

Sound: Ambassadors

Online: Captcha!

Grading: Barry Clarke

Making Of: Christiaan Grammer for Epidemie

Making Of