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This TV commercial for Optimel is created for the promotion of a new no fat, no added sugar or sweeteners yoghurt drink. The idea was to show a table full of different yoghurt drinks, and while the voice over talks, glasses would disappear one by one.

The voice over says:

"Is it possible? A tasty yoghurt drink, without fat, without added sugar and without sweeteners. But, with all the good of dairy. Is it possible? New, Optimel Pure, the very first yoghurt drink without sweeteners of added sugar. 100% pure, and you can taste it. In three tasty, different flavours. That's the good of Optimel Pure."

While the voice over says: "without fat" and "without added sugar and without sweeteners." you see glasses disappear from the the table, while ultimately the table is empty. And then the voice over raises the question: "Is it possible?" Right after this question a new glass arrives on the table, which get filled with a new drink, Optimel Pure.

To create the effect you'll see in this commercial you'll need to use a computerized camera arm. One that makes the same movement over and over. After each take, we would remove one glass from the table, and shoot it again. Check out the camera arm in the image below.


Agency: N=5

Creative: Bart Kooij / Pim Kok

Agency Producer: Monique Neuteboom

Production: Mireille Lampe at Pinkrabbit

DOP: Rutger Storm

Editor: Kim Hinrichs