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For Havas Lemz and Peugeot we have created this ad with an original perspective on the use of timelapse. From left to right, you do not only see the light change from early morning, to midday till night time, but you also see the scaffolding breaking down. To capture all these different "slices" of time we spent two days on location to watch the sun rise and the night fall.

Check out the creatives sketch below, and don't forget to scroll down for a peak behind the scenes.

Giving the scene a good wetdown...


Client: Peugeot
Agency: Havas Lemz
Creatives: Albert Vegers / Bart van de Winkel
Agency Producer: Bieneke Glijn
Producer: Lisette Kooijman
Location Scout: Marie Lou Houba
Post Production: Luminous Creative Imaging
Photo Assist: Thom Schrama