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For this shoot Jaap was asked by Dutch celebrity Stacey Rookhuizen herself to photograph her for Playboy. So together with Stacey, Jaap discussed a concept and a plan, they wanted to create something more than just beautiful pictures of a nude woman. Together they sketched out different ideas and images.

This is the sketch we made for the Brooklyn Bridge image.

The locations and Stacey have been shot separately, so first we went to New York to shoot all the different backgrounds. Here you can see Jaap shooting the background for the Brooklyn Bridge visual.

After shooting the locations, we captured Stacey in the studio, recreating the different light situations.

These images have been the main story and cover of the December issue of Playboy magazine in 2011.

When you scroll down you can have a look at two more sketches for this series.


Concept: Jaap Vliegenthart

Post Production: Souverein