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"Goodmoring, we are Roche. We are here for life."

In a very intimate and close collaboration with The Oddshop and Roche we have created an image bank and short film for Roche.

The idea is to pay a homage to the morning. It's the moment where we would rather turn over and snooze. But at the same time it is the start of a new day, full of possibilities. Roche aims to give everyone a new day, a good morning.

Together with the creative team from The Oddshop we came up with this film which is made visual in cooperation with Willem Gast who created the storyboard, you can check out below.

We wanted to show the morning in the environment of a lot of different people. And what better way to show this, than with the rising sun? To keep everything under control, we decided to build a set and shoot this in the studio. In just one room, we could shoot all the different people and their surroundings by completely changing the dressing of the set.

You can see some behind the scenes images below the credits.


Client: Roche
Agency: The Odd Shop
Creatives: Tim Visser / Thomas Overweg / Niels de Wit
Account: Oscar Hamming / Iris Veenstra
Producer: Lisette Kooijman
DOP: Rutger Storm
Focus Puller: Luuk Schmitz
Gaffer: Willem van der Eerder
Set Art Director: Jeroen Echter
Set Dresser: Marten Hoekstra
Photo Assist: Thom Schrama
Styling: Stefanie van Hoorn
Hair & Make Up: Annemiek Bohnenn
Photo Post Production: Luminous Creative Imaging
Film Edit: Kim Hinrichs
Music Design: Cris Kos

Sound: Ambassadors
Online & Grading: Captcha
Storyboard: Willem Gast