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Schick Edge

These ads are for Schick Edge shaving gel. The concept of these images is to see actions of the man's life taking place in his shaving foam.

To create these images we shot beauty portraits of our models with all different kinds of foam beards. After which, we captured the actions taking place in the foam. To achieve a realistic and anatomically correct action, we used a stand in model, who we completely spray-painted white, including all of the props he would be using.

Below you will find peak behind the scenes of this shoot.

The completely white actions were then comped into the beauty portraits to create a sketch and placeholder for the final images. The actions were translated from image to wooden mannequins and the final foam figures. These figures were used to create the final images.

See some behind the scenes, and a close up of the foam figures below.


Agency: JWT New York

Creatives: Billy Faraut & & Keshni Sharma & Matthew Haggerty

Production: Jake Mills Productions

Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Luminous CI

Digital Tech: Frédéric Müller

Photo Assistant: Thom Schrama

Representative: Monaco Reps