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Statoil Hydro

This campaign for Statoil Hydro is all about durability and recycling. The text in the layout's says: "Everyone must do their bit. We need to do a bit more." We all need to recycle, but a company like Statoil Hydro does a bit more. With these images we visualized the extra step Statoil Hydro has to take in comparison to the rest.

All of these photo's are captured in Norway, except for the chimney image, this one was shot in Paris. By combining the photographic material with modelmaking of the props, we could create extremely sized objects in a realistic feel.


Agency: McCann Oslo

Creatives: Geik Florhaug / Frank Standal / Tone Humblen / Robert Radoli

Prodcution: Hendrikje van de Ven at Unit

Post Production: Souverein

Photo Assitant: Nick de Leuw

Below you will find two rough sketches used as placeholders and presentation files for the client.