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Swiss Air

The idea of these images is to visualize the comfort you will experience when flying with Swiss Air.

These men are so relaxed, they completely forget they are flying and drift off to their own worlds. One of them is listening to music in a jazz and blues bar, the other is getting lost in "The Advertures of Jacob Vliegenthart" while the last one is completely focussed on his work.

We captured the background / environment of the plane, in Basel, Switzerland, in the training centre of Swiss Air. Prior to the surroundings, we have already captured the models in the airplane seats back in the studio in Amsterdam. Check out some of those shots below.


Agency: Publicis Zurich

Creatives: Sacha Patrick Moser / Tim Hoppin

Producer: Hendrikje van der Ven at Unit

Port Production: Souverein

Photo Assist: Nick de Leuw